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Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Services

Children, especially teenagers, often have undiagnosed or under-diagnosed mental health conditions, with less than 20 percent of kids receiving the treatment they need. Left untreated, children with mental health conditions can grow into adults that experience physical health issues that lead to disability, decreased productivity, poor attendance at work, and the inability to maintain healthy relationships or hold a job.

Board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner Becky Godby provides in-office pediatric mental health exams for kids and teens experiencing psychiatric symptoms. During initial and follow-up appointments, Becky builds personal relationships to establish trust with your child to ensure an accurate diagnosis and develop customized treatment plans.

Becky identifies and treats childhood and adolescent mental health conditions including:

If your child is experiencing anxiety, moodiness, prolonged sadness, or other symptoms that you think might go beyond normal childhood emotions, please seek help from skilled mental health professional Becky Godby today. Request an appointment online or call (360) 683-2344 for Sequim, Washington office.


Cost of Services:

Initial Intake (approx. 90 minutes): $250

Follow-up Medication Management (approx. 25 minutes): $150

Co-payment, deductible, or co-insurance payments are due at the time of service.


We currently are contracted with several major insurances. Please call to find out if we can take your insurance.

Always check with your insurance to get pre-authorization.


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